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Participation in the Venusian Church provokes a creation for a “Sacred Space,” or a new paradigm for Being Divine.  It is a paradigm that allows each of us to experience ourselves in a new light. It allows us to see that who we are and who we consider ourselves to be may be more than what we previously thought.  It allows us to begin to experience ourselves as more than the sum of our past, our stories and experiences, our personalities or our conditioning.  It allows us to discover that the world we live in and our relationship to it may be completely flexible and open to being generated in any number of ways and with unlimited new possibilities.

A Divine experience is generated by producing a paradigm shift that is accomplished in part through a unique linguistic process of “Generative Speaking,” a process that lives in the realm of language and communication. It is a way of speaking and listening that does not source from us as being the objects of our past, our stories or of our opinions and beliefs.  It sources instead as us being the space of our words.  It is through this way of unique spatial speaking and listening that enables us to have complete access to ourselves, to others, and to the circumstances of our lives.

Something as simple as being the space or context for our word, something that we would normally think of as unremarkable and commonplace, is in fact the very thing that makes our word an instrument of creation.  It is the creative void, the uncontaminated empty space of generative speaking that gives us the power to produce our own reality.  Our ability to stand in the empty space of being our word is what’s necessary to produce a paradigm shift and it is only by shifting our paradigm that we can take on new dimensions for our lives.

It is through my declaration “WHO I AM IS MY WORD” that gives me access to everything and alters the very nature of what is possible.  It is the magic ingredient that provides me with the access to the unexpected power and ability to invent and source my own reality.  It is my word that allows me to invent my future based in a Divine Ontology.

The realization of emptiness is an aspect of a journey based on bridging or eliminating the sense of separation that exists between I and other.